Humanitarian Situation Analysis of Syrian under Temporary Protection in Turkey

Gaps in the humanitarian response to Syrians under Temporary Protection mostly affect those living in host communities (corresponding to 90% of Syrians under Temporary Protection). A major gap lies in the lack of legal protection of Syrian populations. In addition to this, there is an underrepresentation of data and research about Syrians living in host communities, outside of refugee camps. The size of the Syrian refugee population, its diversity, and the movements of refugees across the country causes difficulties about the data collection and mapping of their needs. Furthermore, there is no centralized database which provides data and information for national and international NGOs/organizations.

The lack of data and information causes difficulties in developing accurate programmes to help Syrian refugees.

This report intends to provide an overview of the humanitarian situation for Syrians under Temporary Protection in Turkey. There is a focus on the general situation and national-level policy framework. The research was conducted during the ongoing State of Emergency in Turkey, entailing challenges and limitations in access to some key data.

Published 2017-11-28

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