Istanbul Labour Market Assessment, May 2017

Turkey is the largest host country offering safe haven to over 2.9 million refugees from Syria. Istanbul hosts an estimated 539,062 Syrians registered under Temporary Protection Regime. It is estimated that half of the urban refugees are young people who are between the ages of 12 to 24, and have joined or will join the ranks of a social enclave within the urban poor demographic. Youth unemployment in Turkey affects one-fifth of young people and the labor market suffers from widespread informality and low-quality jobs; the competition fueled by Syrian refugees inevitably exacerbates social discontent and tensions between the refugees and host communities.

In line with the emergency and the importance of the issue, Save the Children commissioned a Labor Market Assessment (LMA) Study of Istanbul, to determine and fully understand the suitable sectors and job opportunities for Syrians under Temporary Protection and other economically vulnerable youth in Turkey. The assessment aimed to;

1. Understand and define which sectors (and sub-sectors) are more significant for entry level beginner occupations for refugees and economically vulnerable youth in Turkey (finalizing the selection of Action Sectors)

2. Understand the job opportunities, employer requirements and specific employment partnerships that would be most relevant within these action sectors; to identify gaps for Syrian youth and other vulnerable groups in accessing employment; and wherever possible, to identify potential partners for implementation and placement (e.g. training providers and employers).

Published 2017-11-28

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